Scholarship Program

 We are excited to announce that Mt. Holiday’s Scholarship Program is now accepting applications for the 2017/2018 ski season. This program was created for those finding it financially unfeasible to provide recreation activities for their youth. Again this year, we are requiring every scholarship participant to provide proof of financial need (i.e. Medicaid card) and a minimum of ten hours of volunteer service. This can be broken up between Mt. Holiday and other area non-profits but we do require a minimum of 5 hours of volunteering here at the hill. Hours completed off site are to be documented, signed by a representative from the organization, and handed in.

This year we are opening the scholarship program up earlier to allow students the opportunity to get involved at our fall events; Dinner In The Hills, The Acme Fall Festival, Great Pumpkin Dash, and Snowvember Fest. An accumulation of hours will be running throughout the season; if all ten hours are not fulfilled by March 1st, 2018, the recipient’s acceptance status will be in jeopardy for upcoming or future seasons. Also, if the applicant has failed to accomplish volunteer hours in the past with this program, their acceptance will be in danger.

Our Board of Directors very generously put aside funds for a very limited scholarship program; it is through their generosity that selected families are allowed this opportunity to utilize Mt. Holiday. As part of the program, we are asking each child (not the parent/guardian please) to write a letter to our Board of Directors letting them know how important Mt. Holiday is to each child. These letters will be shared with our Board of Directors at our monthly board meeting.

We will provide volunteer dates and age appropriate duties, once accepted into the program (if the child is younger, we welcome assistance from the parent/guardian). On the volunteer day, please have the child sign in with guest services prior to performing any work so as to aid in our bookkeeping process. If your child is unable to fulfill a commitment, please contact the office so we can work together to find a time that works. We look forward to seeing you at the hill and getting your child on the slopes!





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